The realization of the City Division started with the issuance of Regional Memorandum No. 53s. 2000 on May 31, 2000 stating the provisionary establishment of the Tarlac City Schools Division with the following implementing guidelines.

Effective June 5,2000 (SY 2000 - 2001) Tarlac City Schools Division, the 10th division in Region III is pro­visionally established as a separate and distinct DECS division office from the Division of Tarlac. Direct admini­stration, supervision and control of the following districts I schools are under the provisionary established City Schools Division:

Five (5) Elementary Districts
1. Tarlac Central District
2. Tarlac East District
3. Tarlac North District
4. Tarlac South District
5. Tarlac West District

Five (5) Secondary Schools
1. Alvindia Aguso High School
2. Amucao High School
3. Maliwalo High School
4. Central Azucarera de Tarlac HS
5. San Manuel High School

-ASDS Norma C. Lacson is designated as OIC. Other staff members of the DECS Division of Tarlac as well as some personnel from the Tarlac districts I schools are detailed to the provisionary division.

-Initial Operation of the provisionary established City Schools shall be subsidized by the City Government until such is included in the General Appropriation Act (GAA) for Fiscal Year 2001.

Funding the City Division was one of the foremost needs of its establishment

Proper representations were made by the following to the Secretary of Education requesting that funding requirement of the division is provided in the 2001 GAA for full implementation of its operation:

  • City Mayor Gelacio R. Manalang - August 27, 1998
  • Regional Director Vilma L. Labrador - October 19, 1998
  • Schools Division Superintendent Ernesto J. Arceo - September 10, 199

A letter from City Administrator Diosdado A. Briones on July 29, 1999 was forwarded to the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod thru Vice Mayor Ponciano Noel M. Soliman III for the adoption of a resolution requesting DECS to facilitate the establishment of the City Schools Division

The resolutions enacted for its creation, funding and operation supported its request for funding hence the following resolutions were provided:

-Resolution No. 304 - Sangguniang Panlunsod - July 17, 2000 Requesting the Honorable Congressman Benigno C. Aquino to cause and facilitate the inclusion of funds in the amount of P 20,000,000,000 for the Tarlac City Schools Division in the General Appropriations Act for the year 2001.

-Resolution No. 04 s. 2001 - August 14, 2001 Resolution enacted by Tarlac Public Schools Teachers Asssociation during its regular meeting on the said date requesting Hon. Benigno Aquino III, 2nd District of Tarlac to sponsor a bill to legislate the creation of the City Division.

-Resolution No. 01 s. 2001 Resolution enacted by the Division Federated PTA Officers, Tarlac City for the same purpose .

-Its operation had to undergo proper representation and issuance of department orders supporting the establishment of the Tarlac City Schools Division. Such is Department Order No. 50 s. 2002, whereby the following conditions were met:

-With 1,034 elementary teachers and 202 secondary teachers the City Division met the minimum requirements of 750 public elementary and secondary teachers pursuant to DepEd DBM Organization and Staffing Standards.

-A Memorandum of Agreement was drawn up by and between City Mayor Gelacio R. Manalang and Regional Director Vilma L.Labrador that the operating requirements of the interim City Schools Division shall be borne by the city government.

-Assignment of ASDS Norma C. Lacson as OIC.

-Some staff members came from the mother division while other personnel from districts / schools were detailed to the City Division.

-Other positions / support staff were provided by the City Government

The appropriation of funds for its effective implementation was sought through House Bill No. 3511. An Act Establishing Tar:lac City Schools Division lnThe Province of Tarlac And Appro­ priating Funds Therefor. It was introduced by Hon. Benigno S. Aquino III seeking to establish the City Division in consonance with the need to provide an efficient and effective educational system that will serve the people of Tarlac.

The Tarlac City Schools Division was granted provisionary status on June 5, 2000 with a to­tal of 39,495 pupils and 1,100 elementary teachers and principals and 7,761students and 207 secon­dary teachers and principals. It comprised of 5 elementary districts; Tarlac Central, Tarlac East, Tar­lac North, Tarlac South and Tarlac West and 5 high schools; Alvindia - Aguso High School, Amucao High School, Central Azucarera de Tarlac High School, Maliwalo High School and San Manuel High School. Its first Executive Meeting was held on June 16, 2000 at Maliwalo High School presided over by ASDS/ OIC Norma C. Lacson. This Was followed by its First Consultative Meeting on July 5, 2000 with Schools Division Superintendent Ernesto J. Arceo.